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Matt Derrick "Punk Nomad" and Charlie Vollrath - ADMIT THEY ARE OK WITH TRASH DUMPING!

We were not sure at first, but then after asking around, we finally think we found out who dumped most of this trash at this campsite and left it. It was apparently left behind by Matt Derrick and Charlie Vollrath. This was their campsite, but we are not actually sure how much of this trash was left by them. They had a huge party, and apparently this was the result. We cannot confirm for 100% sure, but we did receive several tips as to who did this. When confronted, both Matt Derrick and Charlie Vollrath had nasty things to say about the Slab City Organization. Which is nothing new. But then Charlie sent us an email saying that it's not a big deal to dump trash because it's in a remote location. Then he wanted to know if I ever cut myself on some glass, which I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. He makes it seem like I need to be personally injured before having an objection to trash dumping. Here's a snippet of an email we received from Charlie Vollrath:

"I just wanted to say, you're an immature faggot who exploits generous people...."

Who starts an email with a sentence like that? I don't even know this person. Nor am I gay. But I know for a fact the Gay community doesn't like that "F" word. So not only is he sadly mistaken about my sexual orientation (not that it's any of his business to begin with) but he's clealry not a very classy person to spew hate like this towards a random person he has never met. What did I do to him to initiate this rude comment? Nothing. This email just appeared in my inbox, totally unprovoked. I think this young man is hiding some serious issues. Maybe molested by a family member? Maybe he's a clan member? It makes no sense to me. Why would anyone start an email by saying such a filthy thing? So if you fly the raibow flag, you might want to avoid this hater. And then it goes on to say more crappy stuff, including the following exceprt:

"and just for your information, it's Slab City which is in the middle of a BARREN DESSERT!! who gives a shit if there's trash. does it hurt the sand? did you cut yourself on a shard of glass? in case you didn't know, glass breaks down into, what? SAND!"

Matt Derrick Campsite

Send complaints to Charlie Vollrath for the mess left behind:

What kind of person acts like this? Charlie's Dad must be real proud of his son to act like this. I am absolutely certain there must be some parenting issues in both of these fellas past history. And what kind of degenerate sends an email to an organization dedicated to cleaning things up, saying all sorts of nasty things and trying to rationalize dumping? What kind of person thinks it's OK to litter the environment? These young brats are in serious denial if this is how they plan to treat government property that doesnt belong to them. And these guys are the futrue of America? Telling me to mind my own business so they can dump trash? Amazing....! The "real" story about Slab City isn't being told on the news. People like Matt Derrick and Charlie Vollrath waste their time making up smears about myself and this organization, rather than come up with solutions.

UPDATE 11/11/12 - New Threats From Charlie Vollrath Regarding This Page: (Now he's apparently having second thoughts about harassing me)

"Also realize, I am fully aware of how slow the legal system is and I tend to get impatient. You will have until march to delete this article. Once March comes, I will be going on a trip to Portage, Indiana. By this time, I will have acquired your street address and any other information I can scrounge up on you. I hope you don't OWN any property. If you do, I'll find it and come straight to your front door."

Now he's making threats to myself and property, so I reported him to the FBI because he seems to be mentally ill for sending something like this in writing. No sane person does stuff like that, his email can easily be traced back to his computer. He's made a real case against himself for legal prosecution. Would you want a 24 year old spolied brat like this working for your surveying company? (I later learned he works for his Daddy - how ironic) He claims to be a professional representative of a family owned company called Landline Surveyors. Would you allow someone to survey your land who makes threats of violence and property damage? Most people would probably perfer not to deal with company representatives who make threats. I received another email from Charlie saying he wants to contact a former employer of mine. I suppose to harass them or something, I have no idea what he could possibly gain from that. But how immature to act like a baby. His friends should be embarrassed to hang around a bratty little pussy like that. Charlie Vollrath seems like a real unstable person to me, and this bizarre and troubling behavior is not going to look good on his resume. Anyone can Google his name and read about this - and of course I have all of his email messages saved, just to prove these are his own words. (I wonder if Scott & Lisa are proud of someone behaving like this?) And making interstate threats usually ends with a person doing some jail time, the Leavenworth WA police may come knocking to ask him to explain his email threats. I blame Charlie's partents for raising a spoiled brat who sends nasty messages to complete strangers, totally unprovoked. I have little doubt that Charlie could not possibly be a bigger disappointment to the entire Vollrath family name. I certainly hope the rest of his family has a bit more class. Charlie Vollrath sends threats and harassing emails to people he doesn't know, and I'm more than happy to exercise my right to freedom of speech and report about it. They always say - IF YOU SEE SOMETING - SAY SOMETHING. That's exactly what I did, and I reported him to the authorities. His comments show a disturbing vigilante attitude towards our "legal system". He calls my editorial about him "slander", but in court, his saved email messagess would prove that his quotes have not been edited. This is probably a good example of a young man who printed some stuff at 2AM (possibly while drinking?) and he wishes he could take back. I personally find his messages to be quite disturbing, and the public has the right to know that a frustrated Charlie Vollrath wants to take the law into his own hands when it comes to solving disputes. Many people might not see this side of Charlie Vollrath, so that's why I think it's important to share our conversations on the web. He lives in Washington State, where marijuana is now legal. I think that might explain some of his behavior. However, once his buddies learn the FBI might be investigating Charlie for making threats, he may find himself isolated from people who want no trouble with the law. Most pot dealers probably don't want the attention of the FBI drawn towards them. I saw his MySpace page and he's all into the camoflage thing, plays lots of video games, and he wears Bob Marley T shirts - Gee how obvious - that's like the universal sign for: I SMOKE A LOT OF WEED. He's all into the paintball thing, probably won't be long before he starts hunting humans with real guns. On his MySpace page, he lists "shooting guns" amongst his hobbies. Great, like this country needs another weirdo with a gun. He seems to me like the kooky guy who you see on the news who dresses up like a joker and goes on a killing spree after being dumped by a girlfriend or something. The link on his MySpace page has the word "insurgency" in it, which has terrorist over-tones to it, something I have pointed out in my report to the FBI. He fully admits in his email that he's not interested in our legal system, but would rather take the law into his own hands. Does that seem like a red flag to you? He might be one of those militia nuts who lives in the mountains. Look at all his photos and decide for yourself.

Charlie Vollrath - Looks Like A Total Lightweight

Charlie, (AKA Chuck E Cheeze) I just want to go on record by saying that I think you need professional help before you hurt yourself or others. Printing your own words is not slander - grow up and accept the consquences for your actions. Be a man for a change. Next time, maybe you should think before you harass and threaten people, not afterwards. Now your name is probably going into a FBI database. They should have enough evidence to monitor your communications between you and your family & friends. Think about it....your cell phone, text messages, emails.....still think it was worth all that to harass and send email threats to someone you have never met? You clearly crossed the line by threatening me, so enjoy the consequences. It's now a federal matter for the FBI to sort out. You have only yourself to blame Chuck EV, now that you will become the subject of ridicule in Leavenworth WA for your childish behavior. Anyone else who sends threats to me can expect the same. I'll make you famous.

This just goes to show what kind of crazy lunatics are dumping trash in the desert. These are the types of people who harass me and this organization. This is a perfect example of the type of loser mentality we are dealing with. Most of you who are reading this page don't have any idea how many "mindless" people are showing up at Slab City acting like they own the place, wanting to dump trash and raw sewage anywhere they wish. And the more focus I place on them, the more threats and harassment I get in return. It used to be a minority in the beginning, now it's open season on freaks who think they have a permit from the State of California to dump waste on their property. Only myself, and the people who join this organization, think Slab City should be cleaned up. There are only two sides to this issue, you either want to stand with us and force out the losers, or you want to join the losers and dump poop out of your RV, instead of driving to a proper dump station. There is no middle ground on this issue, you either want to continue dumping, or you want to see it halted altogehter. The line of distinction is becoming more clear each year. The only people who complain about this organization are the ones doing all the dumping - go figure. Matt Derrick (Punk Nomad) writes:

"i hope horrible things come your way."

Sounds like a real nice guy huh? I'll bet it's a joy for his co-workers having a person like that around. Sending an email like that to a complete stranger. What kind of person does that? We are trying to spread awareness of a terrible problem at Slab City, and he hopes bad things come our way. Well Derrick, we wouldn't want you to have any "horrible things come your way" next time you visit. We sure wouldn't want you to get four flat tires on your next visit, as we have heard many stories about trash dumpers waking up the next morning to "unfortunate" situations. While we certainly do not condone this type of behavior, it's important to point out that some people won't allow you to just do whatever you want and get away with it. Not everyone looks the other way when you and your trash dumping friends act like little spoiled brats, something you need to wise up about Matt. Slab City is not your personal dumping ground.

Charlie Vollrath Campsite

Send complaints to Matt Derrick for the mess left behind:

Random emails from a few smelly hippies like Matt Derrick and Charlie Vollrath will not shut down this organization. In fact, it drives more traffic to our website, and our membership increases each year. The best way for these disgruntled individuals to "make" me mind my own business is to stop having the need for a babysitter.

MY MESSAGE TO THE TRASH DUMPING LOCALS AND LONG TIMERS: Why don't all of you grow up, and start cleaning up your mess before you leave? Instead of blaming me, take responsiblity for your own actions, and clean up your damn mess. Is it really that hard for you guys to figure out? How much more clear do I need to spell things out? You can make up all the lies you want about me, but these pictures tell the truth about who you are, and what your agenda is. Year after year, this website reigns supreme, and all of you "LOCALS" become further isolated and more insignificant. Your old ways of trash and sewage dumping will eventually be replaced by common sense ideas. I will not go away, and I will not be intimidated by a bunch of neanderthals who have no clue about what this organization is trying to accomplish. So why don't you "LONG TIMERS" try a different approach for a change, and clean up your campsites without having a website babysite all of you? You "LOCALS" should be embarrassed of yourselves that an "OUTSIDER" has to come along and tell you what to do. You brought this on yourselves. Your filthy and uncivilized camping ways, year after year of allowing people to dump anything they want, has caused me to step in and take charge of this situation. As a result, I'm going to tell you to clean up your mess stop digging sewage pits. DON'T LIKE IT? TOO BAD! Man up, and start treating your surroundings with some diginty. Otherwise, I'll continue to hold your hand like babies and run things my way. You "LOCALS" clearly need someone to tell you to stop dumping, because you can see from the pictures not a single one of you has the brains to take charge and do this job yourself. You apparently need someone to "boss over you" and make you clean up, how patheitc!

Any of you "LOCALS" want to prove me wrong? Send me some photos and videos of you guys cleaning up your own filth. But untill then, stop whining and complaining like toddlers and do something for yourselves for a change. Show some leadership, rather than send me goofy emails telling me to shut down the website. That hasn't worked for the past 12 years, what makes you think a few more complaints will do anything? Stop acting like simpletons and come up with a better strategy if you really oppose what I'm doing. So long as you keep dumping and digging septic pits, I will be around whether you like it or not. The focus is on YOU and the TRASH & SEWAGE, not me. I didn't cause the mess, YOU did! You "LOCALS" need to stop being so jealous of me, and learn how to stand on your own two feet to solve the dumping problem without a babysitter. The ridiculous emails you "LOCALS" are sending me show that you really need me around for a very long time. Over the past 12 years, there has been little improvement in the trash dumping and sewage pits. This means I need to keep holding your hand a while longer until you babies grow up, and learn how to join the human race. Most of society doesn't live in a giant garbage dump, surrounded by raw sewage. So you "LOCALS" need to get a clue, you are the only ones who live like savages, and you choose to do it voluntarily, which is pathetic. So if you really want me to "mind my own business and go to hell" then you need to clean up. Otherwise, I'll keep doing things my way. Until better ideas come along, you have no choice in how this website operates. I'll continue to post trash photos and let everyone know that the "LOCALS" and "LONG TIMERS" at Slab City enjoy living like filthy pigs, and have no desire to change their ways. The pictures prove I am correct, you guys absolutely refuse to act civilized. The only reason this website is still around is because the "LONG TIMERS" want to have it this way, they don't want to clean up. They want me to keep babysitting them. The "LONG TIMERS" have themselves to blame for this website "butting into their bussiness". If they hadn't made such a mess, I wouldn't have built the website. How about that Judy, Mike, Bill? You guys are the ones who made this webstie famous. You caused all of this, it's on you. Your agenda is all about the music stage and all that crap, but nothing about cleaning up or acting responsible. You guys put no effort into making people clean up before they leave, as the pictures prove time and time again. None of you would last two seconds at Burning Man, they would expell all of you filthy trash dumpers.


-Eric Amptmeyer (Founder of the Slab City Organization)

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