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Contact Slab City Organization

Feel free to contact us anytime with your questions or concerns about the website. If you have any information about Slab City that you can share with us, we would sure like to hear from you. You may write to us at the following address:

Slab City Organization
P.O. Box 1122
Portage, IN 46368

We are an organization dedicated to trash and sewage dumping awareness. We do not organize social functions or give out information regarding our members. We are not interested in hearing from journalists or any other groups that compound the trash problems with irresponsible stories about Slab City. Please post all general questions about Slab City on the bulletin board. If this is your first visit to Slab City, you need to do some research on the Mojave Desert before you arrive. We caution all new visitors to exercise personal responsibility, and not burden others with your survival. If you are expecting to find free food and water when you arrive, you will be greatly disappointed.


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