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About Slab City Organization

SlabCity.Org is an organization dedicated to preserving Slab City. While we are not yet an official "Non-Profit" organization, we are currently filing for classification as a 501(c)(3) organization. This website is being funded through private donations from people like you who want to help us keep Slab City clean, free and open to the public forever. Some residents of Slab City talk bad about this website, and our growing group of trash haters. Take a good look at the photo on the right, and keep in mind that the same people who stuff trash into any empty bus, are the same ones who are against our efforts to clean up the area. We don't ever get complaints about our website from folks who haul away their own trash, but instead, we get complaints from people like this guy (who once had a GeoCities page where he boasted about pointing his gun at poeple and looking at them through the sights - pretending to kill them) or the well known drug abuser and woman-beater named Wayne Schulz (aka Hiyer Gilbran). It doensn't take a rocket scientist to determine who's behind all the illegal dumping. Those pathetic litter bugs are too lazy to change their bad ways, they'd rather make excuses than pick up after themselves. This bus didn't get full of garbage on its own, it was put there by the same people who wish our website would go away. Think about it, it's much easier to dump trash than haul it away. Which group do YOU want to assiciate with? Next time you hear someone like Solar Mike complain about our organization, ask them what they are doing to solve the trash problem. Many of the "regulars" who frequent Slab City each year were present when most of the dumping took place. Instead of embracing the idea of change, they view this organization as "butting into their business". Business of what, dumping garbage? Too many stubborn people are set in their OLD ways, and they don't want anyone coming along, telling them what to do. Unfortunately, that type of mentality is what created the problem in the first place. A new generation of "responsible" RV owners are joining this organization to show that the ignorant behavior, by those with no regard for the environment, is not welcome at Slab City anymore. The people who join together with us understand where we're coming from, it's only the rednecks that seem to have a problem with putting an end to the dumping. Everyone else seems to be on board with our plans. If you look at the picture of this bus and don't see a problem with it, then you have some serious issues. Those of you who continue to send complaints about our website are either in denial, or you just don't care.

It's worth noting that The Slab City Organization is not engaged in the practice of judging people based upon their economic or social standing in the community. This website isn't about rich people versus poor folks, or big RV owners against the pick-up trucks. Instead, it's all about saving the art of boondocking from being hijacked by people with no dignity. It makes no difference to us if you drive a supertanker or a minivan. The idea we want to promote is that regardless of how much money a person has, they still have a responsibility to treat Slab City, and it's inhabitants, with respect. People who trash the place and leave without cleaning up after themselves have no respect for other people who visit Slab City, the surrounding community, or even themselves. If we can manage to get an ounce of common sense into a few of the "offenders" now & then, this website is worth the effort. If you agree with our philosophy, please help support our cause with a small donation, or purchase one of our items from our online store. We need your help to preserve what might be the last frontier left in America, Slab City. Such a small tract of land, yet the historical importance is quite rich. Slab City is a bustling community of nomadic retirees and seasonal travelers looking to save money and enjoy desert life during the winter. Not many places are left in this country where a person can just pick a spot and park their RV without somebody having to make a giantic profit from it. While that may not seem too important, what is really worth preserving is the lifestyle of existing in a place where there are no phones, no electricity, and no fresh water. Everything must be hauled in and out of Slab City. This is one of the last few undisturbed places left in the United States where a person can feel totally free. Unfortunately, a few rednecks keep dragging old cars and trash out there, turning the entire place into a giant junkyard. All that oil and transmission fluid seeps into the ground water table, but they don't care. So long as they get to catch rattlesnakes and drink their Coors Lite. Those litter bugs are destroying the fragile ecosystem of the desert by dumping their trash and human waste and toxic fluids directly onto the ground. Why does Slab City need so many junk cars lying around, is it some kind of contest to see who can possess the most junk? And why can't small RV owners dump their human waste where it belongs, instead of digging a pit? (If you see a hole with a piece of plywood over it, it used to be a septic hole) Some of you have witnessed these actions over the years, yet you say nothing, and you do nothing about it. Nobody wants to get involved. Hillbilly races can be fun, but it can also be CLEAN! Why not come up with a plan to clean up AFTER you get done drinking & partying? Nobody at this organization wants to stop THE PARTY, we just want to stop THE STUPIDITY! It's time for Slab City members to group together and demand that no more filthy septic holes are dug, and no more junk cars are brought out to sit there and rot. Do you want a junk yard, or a vacation destination? If many of you continue to do nothing, one year you will arrive to see a fence around the entire property. Nobody wants that to happen, this website was built to try to prevent that from happening, but we need more support to help spread the word.

The State of California makes plenty of revenue from the big state-owned parks. They can easily afford to support a reasonable number of pit toilets for those in small campers. This would solve one of the major environmental issues used by state officials who try to shut down The Slabs. You need to contact your local representatives and let them know this issue matters to you. Many local businesses depend on the seasonal visitors for a large part of their earnings. It's not going to bankrupt California to install a few pit toilets out here. If they give you any slack, remind them who has put them into office - the registered voters. Closing Slab City would simply cause a negative effect on the majority of the people living in Niland, and put undue financial hardships upon them. A few pit toilets can easily be installed & maintained by the state without having to turn the entire place into another commercial tourist trap, like Yosemite. The people of the Slab City wish to remain free, but sitting back and waiting for the next guy to come along and fight for the casue is really a poor idea. Join the Slab City Organization today and help fight to keep Slab City open and clean.

In recent months, the website has come under heavy scrutiny for posting "anti-litter" videos and propaganda. We want to make it clear this website does NOT cater to the Beverly Hillbillies. One of our main concerns is increasing awareness at Slab City. We are AGAINST people who toss their trash into the old busses and let it rot. The folks who pay the $5 fee to join this website are the ones who want to be part of the SOLUTION, not part of the PROBLEM. Many of us are tired of seeing a few ruin it for everyone, and this website is for those of you who want to join together and "Slab Down" for the winter, without all the trash and sewage dumping. It's true that less septic holes have been dug lately, but that is mostly due to awareness. We need to continue with our efforts to make Slab City a fun, safe and clean place to spend the winter. Remember, it's ILLEGAL to dump trash or human waste anywhere in the desert. Some folks rationalize dumping trash in the desert just because nobody is looking. It's time for a change in behavior by those who are doing the dumping. Would you rather help us make a difference, or sit back and hope the guy next to you fights to keep Slab City open? We need to hear from pro-active folks who are a friend to the environment, and who think it is wrong to continue to mistreat our desert.

A NOTICE REGARDING TENT CAMPING: There are no pit toilets or bathroom facilities at Slab City. We are continually amazed at how many information requests we get each year from people who have the idea that somehow Slab City is a free campground. It is not. Slab City is not set up to handle all those people pooping all over the place. If you wander around behind Poverty Flats, where most of the tent activity takes place, you better be careful where you walk. The whole area is like a giant poop museum, because human waste does not decompose very fast in the dry conditions that exist in the desert. The whole area is littered with white clumps of toilet paper and crap piles, left behind by losers who have no regard for the law. It is ILLEGAL to dump human waste anywhere on BLM land. People who come to Slab City with the intention of camping in tents are part of the problem, not the solution. It is not our place to tell others what to do, but be aware that our official position on the matter is that you are just making things worse. Even if you bury your spatch, it will not decompose for decades because of the unique conditions in the desert. Aside from breaking the law, these people have no dignity, and little regard for the ecosystem. Whoever is spreading the rumor that Slab City is a free campground is seriously misinformed, and they are doing a great dis-service to the local community, and the efforts of this organization. Until we can convince someone to install pit toilets at Slab City, tent campers are just adding to the problem.

The theme of this website will soon expand to show more of the flavor of the Slab City "community". But it is important to also remember the main goal of this website, which is keeping Slab City from getting shut down. The visitors, no doubt, contribute a significant amount of revenue to the local economy. The only valid arguments for closing Slab City would be environmental issues, especially all the human waste and junk that has been deposited out there. Let's face it, the military drops bombs nearby. It's not exactly PRIME real estate. No commercial developers are fighting over each other to develop anything in that area. But it has American history in this country that is valuable to some people, and it's a true Southern California icon in it's it's own right. If it's worth fighting for....don't let some "Jethro" ruin it for you....join The Slab City Organization today!

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